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Matthew McClellan

What we do

Are you looking for your dream home or income properties?

How many income producing rental doors do you want?

I show people how to buy and sell single family residence as well as income producing properties and own them 100%. I have done this for years with my team of resources. You can do it too! I can show you how in just one strategy session.

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Investors and Realtors LOVE this passive system.
From small duplex, quadplex to larger 50+ doors, I can help!

I use this system myself and have developed it from my own lifestyle needs.

It is for early retirement (Realtors especially, and non-Realtors as well) using multifamily and other income producing properties in your portfolio.  Including Income properties such as AirBnB, Single-family, Senior Living, Student housing and more.

It opens up a new way of looking at income properties without the headaches of management, but with the benefits of easy T-12's and concierge tax documents.

This system offers a buffer between the owner and the tenant which gives the owner legal protection on top of passive income resources.

My twist is that I am not selling this as a class. (Yet)

I have done this basic  "How to"  for free for over 10 years...  Once people see the value, I just get a usual commission or referral fee as a licensed Realtor.  Investors and Realtors LOVE this passive system.

This system is a way to plan for retirement in a non-corporate way. Most of us don't have a clear formula or plan.  I show my own bank/property documents in my presentations. Then, if people recognize the value, they contact me to use my nationwide resources. Easy!  So, how many doors do you want?

"I met Matthew McClellan in 2016 and we have worked together since. We have worked together to help teach, coach and expand individual’s real estate knowledge and portfolios. Matthew doesn’t just teach; he also invests personally as well currently owning many units himself. Matthew has a specific understanding of multi-family real estate investing. He is a living example of what a good team brings to real world scenarios, for the benefit of others. Matthew has a proven ability to create new client data sources, as well as educate and speak to the clients that are interested in real estate investing, specifically income producing multi-family apartment investing. Whether your looking for a dream home or investment property, his experience and education bring a powerful resource for creative ways to help others develop an investment portfolio and lifestyle that they have always wanted."

  -Mike H., Client

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